Right now, my primary area of research is in the foundations of General Relativity and spacetime theories.

My longer-term research plan focusses on the foundations of supersymmetry (SUSY). Despite its being a central component of most attempts to go beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, SUSY has been almost completely ignored by philosophers of physics. The overarching goal of my project, therefore, is to demonstrate the conceptual and foundational fecundity of SUSY for philosophy, both on its own terms using classical and quantum field-theoretic models, and in the context of its role in string theory.

I also maintain research interests in the philosophy of science. In particular, my recent research has focussed on (expressing scepticism about) the possibility of a robust notion of non-empirical theory confirmation.


Peer-reviewed papers:
T. Menon, Algebraic fields and the dynamical approach to physical geometryPhilosophy of Science (forthcoming)
T. Menon, Taking up superspace: The spacetime structure of supersymmetric field theoryPhilosophy beyond spacetime, eds. Nick Huggett, Baptiste Le Bihan, Christian Wuthrich, OUP (forthcoming) (Winner of the 2016 Space and Time after Quantum Gravity essay prize)
T. Menon, N. Linnemann and J. Read, Clocks and chronogeometry: Rotating spacetimes and the relativistic null hypothesisBritish Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2018) [preprint available here.]
T. Menon, On the viability of the No Alternatives ArgumentStudies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A (2018) [preprint available here. The preprint includes an addendum absent in the final journal version. This addendum addresses a recent paper by Eva and Hartmann, in which they argue that, in certain circumstances, having no reasons in favour of P can be seen as evidence for not-P. Their argument is based on an analogy with the No Alternatives Argument that I deny.]
Book review:
T. Menon, Strings and Stringency: A review of Richard Dawid’s String Theory and the Scientific method, Cambridge Humanities Review, 2017.