My primary area of research is in the foundations of General Relativity and spacetime theories. My DPhil (PhD) thesis explores the dynamical origins of spacetime geometry across different theories.

One prominent aspect of my research is related to the superspace formalism of supersymmetric field theories. Specifically, I addresses the question of whether or not the best interpretation of supersymmetric field theories is in terms of an extended spacetime known as superspace.

For anyone interested in what superspace is, and why it is philosophically interesting, I wrote a paper, titled `Taking up superspace’, which was awarded the 2016 Essay Prize  from the Space and Time After Quantum Gravity Project helmed by Nick Huggett and Christian Wuthrich. A preprint is up on the PhilSci archive, and a final version will soon appear in Philosophy Beyond Spacetime, a volume edited by Baptiste Le Bihan, Nick Huggett and Christian Wuthrich, published by Oxford University Press. I presented a talk based on the paper in Geneva; the video is here and the slides available here.