Here is a list of my published and forthcoming papers.

Peer-reviewed journal papers:
1. Huggett, N., Lizzi, F., & Menon, T. (forthcoming). Missing the point in noncommutative geometry.  Synthese.
2. Read, J., & Menon, T. (forthcoming). The limitations of inertial frame spacetime functionalism. Synthese.
3. Menon, T., Linnemann, N., & Read, J. (2020). Clocks and chronogeometry: rotating spacetimes and the relativistic null hypothesis. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 71(4) 1287-1317.
4. Menon, T. (2019). Algebraic fields and the dynamical approach to physical geometry. Philosophy of Science, 86(5), 1273-1283.
5. Menon, T. (2019).On the viability of the No Alternatives Argument. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 76, 69-75. [Extended preprint available here. ]
Peer-reviewed edited volume contributions:
6. Menon. T, (forthcoming) Taking up superspace: The spacetime structure of supersymmetric field theoryPhilosophy beyond spacetime, eds. Nick Huggett, Baptiste Le Bihan, Christian Wuthrich, OUP